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Data Strategy and Technology Services


Today, without question, data is a valuable commodity,  a resource which is growing at an expontential rate. 


Companies that thrive, and will continue to do so, are those with a progressive data and analytics strategy. We offer a cutting-edge data consultancy service focused on the following key areas: -


Your data requirements

To gather the right data for your business, we need to gain an understanding of how your company uses data. After analysis, we can provide a focused, tailor-made service.


Your data sourcing strategy

With your requirements understood, the next step is to choose the best data collection methods for your enterprise. This might include the use of external data, the collation of internal data or the implementation of new collection methods.

Processing data to create insights

Your data gathering strategy must include effective analytics to produce valuable information that can be used to inform business strategies and generate profit.

Infrastructure requirements

Now that we have a keen understanding of what data you want to gather and how it will be analysed to produce results, it’s essential to examine the software and hardware necessary to implement your strategy.



As with any other business strategy, it’s important to have access to qualified employees, in this case; analysts to translate your data strategy. Two methods can be used to gain access to skilled workers; acquiring or training in-house talent, and outsourcing to trusted services.


Governing your data

To keep your data as a powerful asset, rather than a dangerous liability, it is essential to understand the severe regulatory and legal obligations involved and make data ownership, security, and privacy part of your data strategy.



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