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CANEI Solutions specialises in assisting our clients in realising powerful and tailored data strategies, starting with the following questions: -


1. What issues and business challenges need to be addressed?

Data is driven by an organisations objectives, so it's essential to define them to form your strategy.

2. What information is necessary?

It's important to know what data is needed to answer the questions your company has. Then we can look at the data available—both inside and outside the organisation—to decide which data is vital to your strategy.

3. What’s the best way to use your data?

Now that you know what data to gather, and how to acquire it, it’s crucial to have a robust data analysis strategy so that your information can answer questions and move your company towards its goals.

4. How will you deliver and examine insights?

To put your data to its best use, it must be delivered to the right people in a clear, user-friendly format. CANEI Solutions uses powerful visualisation techniques and highlights critical information to ensure it is quick and easy to access and understand.

5. What are my software and hardware requirements?

For your data strategy to launch seamlessly and provide immediate results, you need to make sure you have the software and hardware to meet your needs. It’s crucial to assess your data storage technology and the possibilities of augmenting it with cloud storage solutions. Your analytic and reporting abilities also need to be addressed and adjusted to your requirements. We help our clients implement tailor-made strategies to meet these needs.

6. What’s your action plan?

We will help you define and implement an effective action plan, defining crucial steps, milestones and participant responsibilities. Our clients benefit from a close working relationship with CANEI Solutions, we will assist you to get your data strategy working quickly and integrate it into the fabric of your company to form a seamless and successful long term strategy.

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